Space Frontier


Send your rocket to space, but be careful of explosions


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Space Frontier is a very simple arcade game where your objective is to launch your rocket into space while making sure that it doesn't explode before it enters into orbit. To do this, you'll need to tap the screen at the right moment to release the extra parts of your rocket. The later you tap the screen, the more momentum you'll get ... but if you wait too long, your rocket will explode in the sky. Risk and reward.

As is typical in Ketchapp games, for each successful launch, you'll get an amount of coins proportional to how well you did. These coins can be invested in improvements for your rocket, to which you can add more parts all the time. The more parts you have, the farther you can go. And yes, the farther you go, the more coins you'll get from your next launch. You can also unlock different tops for your rocket.

Space Frontier is another superb game from Ketchapp that combines a simple but incredibly addictive gameplay with charming graphics. It's the perfect game for short rounds ... although you'll probably end up playing a bunch in a row.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher